Welcome to Tadorna Tours, a birding tour company based in South Wales who specialise in friendly and informative tours. Our tours are catered to both experts and amateurs, with our small group sizes allowing us time to spend watching the birds as well as time for photography. All of our guides are keen bird watchers with experience of searching for birds in remote places all across the British Isles and further afield, as well as insight into working on conservation projects.

We only visit locations that we love and have vast experience of birding. Experienced in the field, we have extensive know-how of working with experienced tour individuals and conservation organisations as well as supporting conservation projects and charities. Finally, we don’t just offer tours to see any old birds; we specialise in finding birds, visiting locations for rarities and tours to see hard-to-see species of both birds and other wildlife.
Another huge benefit of booking with us, we are qualified in SEN and Additional Needs and offer specialised wildlife days to suit these requirements; just look for the SEN on tours.
We are fully covered with Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance as well as being fully DBS Certified.

Gower Day Trip – Spring

A gentle tour around Three Cliffs looking for emerging butterflies, a spot of seawatching, and the chance of Chough whilst looking for arriving migrant birds. Another main target is the Yellow-whitlow Grass.

Woodland Migrants Day Trip

Explore a tranquil nature reserve in the Clydach valley in search of woodland migrant birds such as Pied Flycatchers, Spotted Flycatchers, Wood Warblers and Common Redstarts, while looking for other wildlife such as orchids and butterflies.

Spurn – Autumn Migration

Explore the Spurn area during peak autumn migration. We’ll explore the different habitats in the hopes of seeing late migrants and vagrants.
£550pp 1st-5th October 2021

Upcoming Tours

📅 17th MAR 2021: Gower – Spring Day Trip
📅 4th APR 2021: Gower – Spring Day Trip SEN
📅 11th MAY 2021: Woodland Migrant Day Trip
📅 29th MAY 2021: Woodland Migrant Day Trip
📅 19th JUN 2021: Fen Orchid Special

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Featured Tour

National Garden of Wales Wildlife

Explore the newly opened Llyn Mawr and visit unexplored areas of the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Targets: Willow & Marsh Tit, Silver-washed Fritillary and dragonflies! £30 *plus entry fee if not a member

Featured Tour

Bat & Cake Evenings

Exploring parks in search of bats during this evening adventure. We’ll also tuck into a delicious homemade cupcake by a local baker!
£10 adults, £5 children


SEN Tour Days

One thing that sets us aside from other tour companies is our commitment to making everyone feel welcome and cared for. We offer SEN (Special Educational Needs) and Additional Needs days, where our tour participants will receive a detailed plan of the day including routes, facilities, wildlife facts, Leader profiles on top of our regular tour information packs. These days are also limited in numbers We have qualified staff who are passionate about wildlife and compassionate with tour participants. We make every effort to liaise with tour participants and their needs before each tour to make everyone as welcome as possible. Look out for SEN after tour titles for specialised tour days, we offer these for ALL TOUR DAYS and open to families and adults. Alternatively, you can request a SEN adaptation for your group for any tour.
*Some may be difficult for wheelchair users, please check individual tours first.

Children’s Wild Days

We’re truly passionate about inspiring and engaging with the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts and budding birders! Experienced in the field of wildlife education, we have a dedicated team and are able to offer Children’s Wild Days. These are mini adventures designed with children in mind, and focuses on education, inspiring and most importantly – fun!
There’s a number of Wild Days available and we are extremely proud to work with leading attractions and nature reserves in South Wales to bring our Wild Days and Wild Experiences to their centres too.

Rockpool Safari

A day of exploring the coasts and rockpools of different coastlines! We’ll be looking for common species such as Shrimps and Crabs but also more difficult species like Starfish and fish. Join us to learn how to identify some sea species!
£5 per child

Upcoming Children’s Wild Days:


Butterflies & Brownies

Want to learn about butterfly identification? Join us for an afternoon of butterfly hunting and recording, we’ll be looking to spot different species and show you how to identify them – did we mention there’s also a local homemade brownie too?
£10 adults £5 children

Wild Explorer Days

Join us for a day of learning about a host of different wildlife! There’ll be stationary all day activities as well as walks throughout the days. Activities depend on the location.

Discover Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in the UK?! We’ll be going out to look for creatures that have lived with dinosaurs; fossils! There’s many fossils to be found, put on your dinosaur hat, grab your paintbrush and guide, and lets go on a fossil hunt!
£5 per child

Brilliant Birds

Join us to learn some common British birds using some equipment such as binoculars to help you see better, and parabolic microphones to let you hear them better! We’ll be looking for common species on the coasts such as waders, birds of prey and small birds.
£5 per child

Customised Tour Days

Ideal for couples, small groups and individuals looking to see certain species with limited time. These trips are fully customisable with the option of selecting your target species and time scale, these are primarily in Wales although can be catered for elsewhere in the UK.
Contact us at tadornatours@gmail.com to arrange your tour.