Bat and Cake Evenings

Join us for an evening of bat detecting! Heading out just as dusk approaches in search of the different species of bats inhabiting the local parks, the evening also includes a hot drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate or herbal teas) and a delicious local, homemade cupcake!

Evening event begins at 5pm (further meeting details in booking confirmation) and ends around 8pm.

We have a number of locations that we use throughout South Wales for our bat walks – check the box on the left for the location and date of the tours.
Suitable for children, families and those with physical and hidden disabilities.

A gentle walk around some brilliant parks in South Wales in search of twilight and nocturnal creatures! We begin our walk by filling up our thermals and cups ready to head out in search of roosting animals before the bats emerge.

We’ll likely see some wildfowl and songbirds coming into roost to the trees, along with some gulls passing overhead. We will explain how the bat detectors work and what we are listening out for; in these parks the most common species we will hear and hopefully see are Noctule Bats and Common and Soprano Pipestrelles, while there is the added possibility of Daubenton’s Bats as they feed above the water.

It’s not only the bats we will look and listen out for, as we may be lucky and hear some Tawny Owls too! The walk around the parks will last for around 1-2 hours depending on activity of the bats and other creatures, and whether we have to search a little bit further for some species. Afterwards, we will wind down with another hot drink and a delicious homemade cupcake by an amazing local baker (please note allergies on the booking form details).

Price per person:
£10 adults £5 children

Max group size:

Upcoming dates for Swansea:

– Park Wood
– RSPCA Llys Nini

Tour Leaders