Birdwatching Tours

Here at Tadorna Tours, we began by offering Birdwatching Tours featuring a variety of species all in areas we are passionate about and have a vast knowledge of. These areas are home to some of the most amazing species from our Species Specials on Nightjars and Red Kites, to our Day Trips to see a number of species at a certain site and finally to our short-breaks aiming to see as many bird species and targets as possible. These are all sites we know and love and can almost guarantee we will see the species we aim to see.

All of our Birdwatching Tours are led by ornithologists or conservationists in areas they have worked at or birded for a number of years giving us the edge with us being able to tell you about the species we are likely to find but also the best spots to look. Our tours are small groups with plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the birds we are looking at, also giving us plenty of time for photography.

Day Trips

Cardiff gull roost

Discover the world of gulls by joining us on an evening gull roost in Cardiff Marina. We’ll be looking for the typical roosting species but also additional species such as Yellow-legged Gulls and wing-wingers.

Gower – Winter

Explore the wintering bird life of Rhossili and Mewslade on a gentle-paced walk through picturesque landscapes in the Gower. Targets include winter birds including thrushes, ducks, waders and Chough also mammals such as Grey Seals.


Come and experience one of the UK’s most difficult species to catch up with – the Nightjar! We’ll watch the Nightjars and other nocturnal species.

All Tours


Explore the Spurn area during peak autumn migration. We’ll explore the different habitats in the hopes of seeing late migrants and vagrants.
£600pp 3rd-7th October 2022

Gower Summer Birds

Chough, seabirds, porpoise and more can all be found on the Gower during the summer months. Join us for a three day tour exploring of the best sites of the Gower.
£550pp 9th-12th May 2022


The prime time to see winter passerines such as Crossbill, Hawfinch and waders at nearby wetlands, we’ll also pay a visit to a Starling murmuration.
£500pp 7th-10th November 2022

east Yorkshire in Autumn

Nothing is quite like East Yorkshire in autumn! Join us to visit some popular birding sites in the hopes of experiencing true autumn migration.
£800pp 10th-14th October 2022