Botanical Tours

Our Botanical Tours aims to give our guests the best opportunity to observe the number of plant species found throughout certain areas. We also offer tours through our Day Trips and Species Specials to target species that would otherwise be different to target such as Fen Orchid or Yellow-whitlow Grass, although we do offer tours that specifically aim to observe wildlife with plants in the fore-front of our minds.

All of our Botanical Tours are ran by conservationists or botanists in areas that we have experience of. The small group sizes enables us to give everyone the opportunity to truly admire the wildlife but also experience just how amazing some of these species are with plenty of time to alter our pace to suit the species we are looking for and plenty of time for photography or sketching of the species we find.

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A gentle tour around Three Cliffs looking for emerging butterflies, a spot of seawatching, the chance of Chough but mostly we will be visiting a site for the rare Yellow-Witlow Grass.

Fen Orchid Special

A walk through the dunes of Bridgend in search of Fen Orchids and the neerlandica variation of Broad-leaved Helleborine. We will also search for migrant birds, dragonflies and butterflies.

Orchids, Butterflies & Migrants of Kenfig

A day in search of the variety of orchid species of Kenfig including Fen Orchid, Marsh Helleborine aswell as butterflies such as peacock, wall and dark green fritillary.