Buffet with the Bees

Buffet with the Bees

Join us for an afternoon of bee hunting! We will be learning how to identify bees, looking and recording what species we find and enjoying a delicious buffet by a local baker.

Event begins at 12am and ends around 2:30pm.
Suitable for children, families and those with physical and hidden disabilities.

A gentle walk around the meadows and pasture land of Little Hill in search of bees, we will have some identification guides on some easy to spot bees. With your guide, we will be looking at what species we can see such as common species like; Buff-tailed Bumblebees, Honey Bees, Common Bumblebee, Tree Bumblebee to the more site specific butterflies like Shrill-carder Bee, Common carder Bee, and Mason Bees.

As we walk around our site, we will have wildlife recording sheets where we aim to record as much data as possible of the species we are seeing and record the abundance of each species. We want to see people enjoying bees and learning of their identification whilst having fun! Our leader will collect samples of some of the species we find and put them in pots, we can then take them to our base and learn more about their work as pollinators and their identification.

We’ll return to our base, with our sample species to then enjoy a delicious homemade buffet by a local baker whilst exploring our bee identification further. (please ensure you fill our dietary requirements and allergies for all participants on the booking form).

Price per person:
£10 adults £5 children

Max group size:

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Wildlife Hub, Carmarthen

Tour Leaders

What our guests sAY:

Had an excellent time on yesterday’s butterflies and blondies tour with Tara and Dan. Learnt so much amazing facts about bees and how to help preserve wild bees. They are amazing creatures and absolutely vital for the continuation of not only plants but our food. The refreshments were delicious too. Thanks so much for a lovely day.

Y. Panayi Davis– Bees & Blondies