Children’s Wild Days

Here at Tadorna Tours, we have a passion for enthusing and inspiring the next generation of naturalists and conservationists! Although we welcome families and children on all our tours, we have some tours that are a little bit more catered to children and families such as our Bat & Cake Evenings. Our Children’s Wild Days are lead by experienced wildlife educators who share our passion for inspiring the next generation! We ensure our staff are DBS checked and follow adult-to-child ratios.
We are also qualified in SEN and AN and can adapt your Wild Days to suit these needs, we can also do private Wild Days for SEN/AN groups and schools.

Wild Days with Tadorna Tours!

We offer a number of short wildlife experiences designed with children in mind! These fun, engaging and educational wild days feature a range of different activities such as rockpooling, bird surveying and minibeast hunting. They’re not our typical tour length and instead range from 2-5 hours depending on the activity.

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Red Kite Special

Explore the history of Red Kites in Wales with this unique day! Featuring a presentation with tea and cake, followed by photography tips and then the wildlife spectacular of watching hundreds of Red Kites in a private hide.
£50 adults £30 children

Brilliant Birds

Join us to learn some common British birds using some equipment such as binoculars to help you see better, and parabolic microphones to let you hear them better! We’ll be looking for common species on the coasts such as waders, birds of prey and small birds.
£5 per child

Bat & Cake Evenings

An evening exploring parks in search of twilight and nocturnal creatures! We look for Tawny Owls, Foxes and then focus on bats; Noctules, Common and Soprano Pipestrelles and maybe Daubentons – did we mention there’s also a local homemade cupcake too?
£10 adults £5 children

Discover Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in the UK?! We’ll be going out to look for creatures that have lived with dinosaurs; fossils! There’s many fossils to be found, put on your dinosaur hat, grab your paintbrush and guide, and lets go on a fossil hunt!
£5 per child

Rockpool Safari

A day of exploring the coasts and rockpools of different coastlines! We’ll be looking for common species such as Shrimps and Crabs but also more difficult species like Starfish and fish. Join us to learn how to identify some sea species!
£5 per child

Butterflies & brownies

Want to learn about butterfly identification? Join us for an afternoon of butterfly hunting and recording, we’ll be looking to spot different species and show you how to identify them – did we mention there’s also a local homemade brownie too?
£10 adults £5 children

Private wild days

Want to have a private wild day for your school or group?
We’re more than happy to tailor a wild day to suit the needs of your group such as disabilities, school topics, projects. We’ve a vast amount of experience of working in the education and wildlife sector and capable of featuring a number of different topics. Ideas of custom wild days and how to contact can be found on the Group Day Trips page.