Conservation is a bit part of Tadorna Tours. We are extremely proud to work with landowners, farmers, councils, schools and businesses to rewild areas, encourage wildlife and monitor bird species across South Wales. It’s what we love, but we also have a strong passion for conserving the species that we love so that others can enjoy them also.

Another huge part of what we do, is our cetacean conservation work. We currently run a photo-ID catalogue on Harbour Porpoise in the Gower region, this is partnered with Sea Trust.

Tawny Owl Boxes

We have a number of Tawny Owl Boxes up around the South Wales area. The project seeks to monitor the breeding population of Tawny Owls primarily in the Gower and Carmarthenshire area.
Many thanks to the Gower Society for the grant.

Harbour Porpoise Photo-ID

Marine mammals are often sighted on our tours around the Gower area, we therefore run a photo-ID catalogue on Harbour Porpoise where we photograph individuals and analyse their movements.

Farmer & Landowner Partnership

Our rewilding project; Cymru Naturiol is a project providing expertise and guidance to landowners and farmers looking to develop their land for conservation.