With a love for birds and their habitats, we have a number of Ecologists and Ornithological Consultants on our team. We’re very proud to have worked and continue to work with a number of ecology companies, governing bodies and charities to monitor and conduct surveys across Wales.

Ecological Surveys

We have a few Consultant Ornithologists who have vastly experienced in ecological surveys including;

  • Vantage Point Surveys
  • Moorland Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Raptor Surveys
  • Species Specific Surveys e.g Nightjar, Black Grouse
  • Bat Surveys
  • Newt Surveys
  • Mammal trapping Surveys
  • Habitat/Phase 1 Surveys

With our experience, we are able to adapt and work to a number of different styles and take on surveys throughout Wales.

TV COnsulting

Dan has worked in the media; tv and radio for a number of years both in front and behind the camera as a Consultant. Our team are experienced in locating wildlife and work with media companies as Consultants and Location Scouts for wildlife.

  • Creating stories and sequences to tell a story
  • Finding wildlife and monitoring wildlife
  • Research and pre-filming consulting
  • On-the day guiding, spotting and monitoring of wildlife

Farmer & landowner partnership

We work with a number of different farmers, landowners and businesses across Wales to establish how we can attract more birds and wildlife to their land. Through this project, we have installed nest boxes, set up live cameras, established planting routines and more with over 15 farmers and landowners across Wales.

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