Discover Dinosaurs

Discover Dinosaurs

Every child’s dream is to find and see dinosaurs! We can do just that! Ok, maybe not seeing a T-Rex roaming around Wales, but we can show you and help you find some fossilised creatures that were around the same time as the T-Rex. Put on your ranger hat and lets go explore!

Event begins at 11am and last for two-three hours.

We have a number of locations, check we are running one in your area before booking.
Suitable for children, families and those with physical and hidden disabilities.

We begin by introducing ourselves and what we will be doing throughout the discovering dinosaur day. There will be some health and safety briefings and we encourage parents to stay with their children and ensure you’re all wearing sturdy shoes as the rocks can be a bit slippery.

We will provide you with some kit such as brushes ready to go out and begin our search for fossils! We will also have some on hand for you to have a look at and hold, these are all real fossils but they may not be the ones we find. We will spread out to search around the rocks for fossils and sharks teeth, once we find one we’ll also have some identification guides ready for you to work out what we’re looking at and just how old it is! We will primarily be looking for Ammonites, Trilobites, Bivalves, Brachiopods aswell as the odd fish or reptile fossil if we’re really lucky!

Price per person:
£7.50 per person
£5 for Sid’s Club Members

Max group size:

Upcoming dates:

– Llantwit Major
– Southerndown

– Penarth
– Lavernock

– Bendricks Beach

Tour Leaders