We run a variety of different events across South Wales; Discover bees, learn about butterflies and join us on a delicious picnic in the meadows with our bee workshops!

Get Into: Birds

Discover more about birds with our educational walk designed for all ages. We will take you out on a walk using some equipment such as binoculars, scopes and parabolic microphones to watch and listen to birds and their songs.


Discover what flies at night by joining us on a Bat Walk, we’ll have detectors to listen to the different sounds and calls from various bats.

Get into: butterflies

Butterflies are small but mighty creatures coming in different shapes and sizes. We will take a walk sweep netting and looking for butterflies, learn about their ecology, identification and food plants.

Discover what creatures have left their prints in the rocks of our coasts. We’ll be looking for Trilobites, Ammonites and also fossils!

Get into: insects

Insects and invertebrates are all around us and provide vital resources to other fauna. Discover more about their ecology, benefits and identification in this educational walk.

Moth morning

Enjoy a morning discover what has been caught in our moth trap; we see a change in species each month depending what is on the wing. We’ll then tuck into a breakfast spread.