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Tadorna Tours – Family Tours

Whether you’re after a certain species for your life list, or whether there is an experience you are yet to experience for yourself – we aim to offer the best wildlife experiences through targeting specific species on one of our Species Specials. Our Species Specials are day only trips, or occasionally a part of a day where it’s best to locate the target species we are after but we will always ensure to show you as much wildlife as possible during the tour aswell as your target species.

Our Family Tours are ran by conservationists and wildlife educators who have vast experience of working with children and family groups. The tours have a semi-small group depending on the activity of the tour, which allows us to ensure everyone has the most enjoyment but also plenty of opportunities for family engagement with our leaders.

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Bat & Cake Evening

Exploring parks in search of bats during this evening adventure. We’ll also tuck into a delicious homemade cupcake by a local baker!
£10 adults, £5 children

Snorkel Safari

Find out what lives under the surface of our shores by joining us on a snorkel safari! We’ll set out off the shore to look for fish, crustaceans, sea slugs and other creatures.
£10 per person

Butterflies & Brownies

Want to learn about butterfly identification? Join us for an afternoon of butterfly hunting and recording, we’ll be looking to spot different species and show you how to identify them – did we mention there’s also a local homemade brownie too?
£10 adults £5 children

Bees & Blondies

Want to learn about bee identification? Join us to explore a bee-haven to locate and record a variety of different bee species. We’ll then enjoy a delicious homemade blondie from a local baker!
£10 adults £5 children