From Nature

We Love Nature!

It’s the whole point of what we do, to use the natural world and its ingredients to bring you the most exciting and unusual flavours. But, we must work with the natural world and that includes all other creatures that also share the produce we look to collect.

Wholesale options!

Did you know you can stock our cakes, treats and preserves in your store, cafe or business? We offer wholesale options for our cakes, jams & other preserves for all different businesses – just pop us an email and we will sort you out!

Where do our ingredients come from?

… as we said, nature! Ok, to explain it a bit further, we forage our ingredients which mean we head out into nature and collect the ingredients we desire by following safe practices and sustainable-foraging guidelines. We work with local landowners to have permission to remove plants for our products, we ensure there is a good amount left for wildlife to enjoy!

As nature and foraging is unpredictable, we sometimes collect items to freeze for later months. This ensures we have the ingredients we need, but also explains why maybe some of your favourites are not on the menu – simply, they aren’t in season! We can sometimes combat this by making jams, composts, preserves, honey and cordials and syrups to ensure we have some of the ingredients for later in the season.

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