Marine Conservation

Our research and engagement work with British cetaceans that is based in The Gower and Spurn – our Cetacean Station!

We love birds, but we also have a passion for Cetaceans and marine wildlife. The Cetacean Station is a way for us to engage with the public whilst conducting our research and collecting data on cetaceans and marine mammals, working with Sea Trust, National Trust and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to promote marine wildlife and conservation.

There’s a number of conservation projects and engagement workshops we do with regards to marine wildlife and cetaceans, this includes our Marine Mammal Identification Workshops, Cetacean Stations, Porpoise Photo-ID project and Discover Marine-life.

Our cetacean and marine wildlife projects and engagement centre around the Gower and Spurn.

Porpoise Photo-ID Catalogue

We currently run a Porpoise Photo-ID project in the Gower. This project alongside SeaTrust allows us to monitor the population that uses the Gower during different times of the year, we monitor individuals activities and movements.

Want to support our work? Adopt a Porpoise!

You can adopt one of our Porpoise for £15 a year! This gives you our monthly Porpoise Post, your adoption pack contains a marine-litter recycled cuddly Porpoise, information on your Porpoise as well as information on Porpoise.