Farmer & Landowner Partnership

We’re passionate about working with farmers and landowners to develop land for conservation. Tadorna Tours has been working with farmers and landowners since starting in 2020 where we initially began working with a few farmers and then growing to working with more farmers across South Wales and South-West England.

What we do

We provide professional expertise to help landowners develop their land to give a home to nature. We do not just tell you what to do, we work with your existing practices to make adjustments to make your space a greater space for wildlife whilst also continuing to use your land in your standard way.

Depending on what landowners and farmers want to develop, we provide a range of services for conservation benefits such as:

  • Ecological Surveys (day or longer)
  • Development Plans; starting afresh or working on developing an existing plan
  • Resources such as boxes, wildlife homes, feeding stations
  • Depending on the location, we can aid in running events or activities on your land for the public or professionals. We can either run these for you, or train your staff to be able to showcase your fantastic now wildlife space.
Dan & Gower farmer Rob at Rhossili Sunflowers

How to get involved

To get involved in the project and find out more about how we can help you develop your land for conservation, contact us at