Porpoise Photo-ID

Project Porpoise is our Photo-ID project of Harbour Porpoise. The aims of the project is to:

  • Record individuals through photography and entering into our online catalogue
  • Engage the public with Harbour Porpoise
  • Work with organisations to share data and partner research

We have a number locations where we set up regular cetacean watches with the aim being to photograph porpoise. Our photographs are entered into our online catalogue where collect data of sightings of each individual, these are then assessed where we work out the population, movements of individuals and group dynamics. This provides vital information regarding the population of porpoise in our regions such as the Gower as the total number if still unknown, we aim to find out how many we have and whether populations interact with one another, whether our population interacts with the Pembrokeshire populations, or whether we have seasonal populations here.

Tadorna Tours are proud to have partnered with Sea Trust to create an extensive data base of porpoise in Wales, through this work we aim to be able to conserve porpoise by conducting ground-breaking research into the interactions between groups, human interactions and provide protection to porpoise rich zones.

Our photo-ID project currently focuses on the Gower

Want to get involved?

There’s a number of ways to get involved in Project Porpoise.

  • Become a porpoise volunteer; join us on our surveys, learn how to identify individuals and photograph porpoise
  • Photograph and submit porpoise; When out on the Gower, if you see a porpoise – photograph it and submit it to us, it’ll then be identified and the sighting added to our database