Rockpool Safari

Join us for a rockpool safari! This day is aimed at children where we will explore the rockpools and coast of areas perfect for finding those tiny but interesting creatures!

Event begins at 11am and last for two-three hours.

We have a number of locations, check we are running one in your area before booking.
Suitable for children, families and those with physical and hidden disabilities.

We begin by introducing ourselves and what we will be doing throughout the rockpool safari. We encourage those participating to bring their own nets based off abilities and preferences but we will have some spare ones with us on the day, we’ll also have some trays for you to pop your creatures into so we can get to work identifying them!

Adults are encouraged to stay with their children while the event is happening, we encourage the children to explore and be a bit wild during the event. We’ll be looking for some common species such as Green Shore Crabs, Prawns, Periwinkles, Limpets as well as looking for those difficult to spot species such as Common Starfish, Common Blenny and Beadlet Anemone. We’ll also have some ID sheets on hand for children to use to match their creatures to the picture, but we will also have some books for the adults to use too!

Whilst we encourage the children to catch the creatures, we do return some throughout the event if they are showing signs of stress or are a bit dangerous to other species such as Crab species and larger fish species that don’t particularly like to be caught in trays like Common Blenny. We’ll be recording our sightings to see the amount of species and diversity we can find!

Price per person:
£5 per person

Max group size:

Upcoming dates for Swansea:
➪ 4th August Bracelet Bay Get Into Rockpooling Event

– Oxwich
– Bracelet Bay
– Port Eynon

Tour Leaders