School Workshops

Wild, exciting and educational! Our school workshos are linked to the curriculum and use nature as an educational tool to provide your learners with an invaluable experience getting closer to the natural world.
Our staff members are experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nature and will help you with your hands-on learning, allowing your students to learn and discover along the way.

Our school workshops can be done inside or even outside if you have the facilities! We can do a workshop for one class, or run them throughout the day for multiple classes.

Marvellous Marine Workshop!

How do creatures live in the sea? What abilities make them special? Do you know how to tell the difference between a whale and a dolphin?

We look at the different creatures that live in the UK sea like our seals, dolphins and whales and how we can help. We’ll take you on a journey of learning how to become a marine surveyor by helping us to spot marine mammals on our mock-marine experience. Whilst we will also look at the life-cycles of some creatures.
Suitable for Foundation Phase through to KS3

We require a projector or tv for this session