School Workshops

Wild, exciting and educational! Our school workshops are linked to the curriculum and use nature as an educational tool to provide your learners with an invaluable experience getting closer to the natural world.
Our staff members are experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nature and will help you with your hands-on learning, allowing your students to learn and discover along the way.

Os ydych yn eisiau sesiynau dysgu yng Ngymraeg, rydym yn gallu neud hynnu hefyd!

Where can you do a School Workshop?

In-school workshops: South Wales, Nottingham
External school workshops: Llys Nini RSPCA – Swansea, Tadorna Wildlife Hub – Carmarthenshire, Wollaton Park – Nottingham

Elective Home Learning

Are you currently Home Learning with your child or children? We’re running Home Learning sessions at various points around the UK, these are two hour long sessions split into two age groups. During these sessions we explore various parts of the natural world linking to the National Curriculum but enjoying the outside air!
Sessions are ran in Nottingham, Swansea, Ceredigion & Bridgend.

What makes a bird?

How do birds fly? How important are feathers? Can we tell their diets?

We look at the different ways birds are adapted to fly from exploring bones, to checking out feathers. We’ll also dissect some owl pellets and identify their diets.
Suitable for Foundation Phase through to KS4

Bees, Pollen and Plants!

How do bees collect pollen? How do plants grow in different soil? What makes pollinators special?

These are the questions we ask during our session. We’ll sample soil to find the perfect one for our plants, learn about different pollinators and what bees have that makes them the best for distributing pollen.
Suitable for Foundation Phase through to KS3

Pondering about Ponds!

What creatures live in a pond? Do they have special abilities to live underwater? How do they live in the water?

We’ll use nets and sample trays to find out what creatures live in our ponds and identify each one. Our future scientists will also help us survey the species by counting each one for our records.
Suitable for Foundation Phase through to KS4
*Our site only, not suitable for school locations unless ponds available.

Microscopic world of Minibeasts!

Understanding what mini-beasts live in different habitats from soil, to meadows, and to trees.

We’ll use collection pots, sweep nets and drop sheets to find a range of invertebrates in different habitats, we’ll finish off the session with a talk of all creatures we have found and why they are so unique.
Suitable for Foundation Phase through to KS4

All of our sessions can be ran for Foundation Phase, through to KS4. We offer sessions on ecology and biology for GCSE and A Level.

Ready to book your session?

We can alter sessions to suit your class topic and educational needs, message us for a chat.

Day Outline for on site groups

  • Arrive on site to be greeted by your Leader.

  • Introduction by your Leader, house-guidelines and session outline.
    Split into groups if needed for large classes.

  • Session starts – outline of what the session will be, session activity
    Swap stations for larger groups.

  • Objective overview and report back by students.

  • Lunch
    Afternoon free time to enjoy the site Self-guided.

Leaders & Teachers

Did you know we offer free site visits and zoom calls to discuss your session, see the site and meet your Leader?
We can also do informal online chats for your group to get to know the Leader prior to the session particularly for SEN/AN groups.

We are experienced in working with all ages and those with SEN/AN needs. If you have anything you wish to be adapted, please speak to us and we have the experience to adapt our sessions to suit all of your children/group members.


Wildlife Hub Prices:
Foundation Phase (Nursery & Reception): £7.00 per child
KS1: £7.50 per child
KS2: £7.50 per child
KS3: £8.00 per child
KS4 & A Level: £9.00 per student (sessions to be adapted to topics)

All other-prices:
Foundation Phase (Nursery & Reception): £4.00 per child
KS1: £5.50 per child
KS2: £5.50 per child
KS3: £6.00 per child
KS4 & A Level: £8.00 per student (sessions to be adapted to topics)

In-School Workshops:
One class – £130 (1.5 hour inside or outside)
Whole School – £200 (Whole learning day)


Foundation Phase, Early Years: 1 adult to 3 children
KS1: 1 adult to 5 children
KS2-KS3: 1 adult to 7 children
KS4 & A Level: 1 adult to 20 children

Please ensure you meet the ratios before booking your session, our Wildlife Education staff DO NOT count in your ratios.