Grey Seal Photography Day

In this day trip, we visit Donna Nook on the coast of Lincolnshire ready for a day of photographing the pupping Grey Seals.

Day begins at 11am at Donna Nook entrance.
Suitable for children and those with disabilities.


Britain is home to approximately 40% of the world’s population of Grey seals. Donna Nook Nature Reserve on the Lincolnshire coast is one of the prime locations to see a colony during pupping season. Join this tour to safely view, photograph and learn about the species and their behaviours. 

This tour is aimed at those wishing to photograph Grey Seals at quite close proximity while learning more about them and their fluffy pups. Once at the site, we will start to observe the seals’ behaviour and show you the best ways to photograph them using different settings, compositions and exposures of the landscape and the seals, giving you fantastic pictures and memories to come away with. 

Surrounded by mudflats, saltmarshes, sand dunes, and a variety of foliage, Grey seals aren’t the only interesting wildlife you can see at Donna Nook; it is also well know for as a good bird watching spot with the chances of catching up with some late autumn migration or marvelling at the large numbers of wintering Brent Geese, waders and potentially even Twite, Lapland Buntings and Snow Buntings.

Total price per person
£30 per person

Spaces: 4

Upcoming Dates:
➪  3rd December 2021

Tour Leaders