Snorkel Safari

Join us for a snorkel safari! This day is aimed at those wanting to experience the underwater creatures, we may not get to see on land!

Event begins at 11am and last for two-three hours.

Children over 12 only!! This is due to the safety of the children in the water and working with our guide. All children will be required to wear a safety market, snorkel equipment and a life-vest while in the water.

We have a number of locations, check we are running one in your area before booking.
Suitable for older children and families.

We begin by introducing ourselves and what we will be doing throughout the snorkel safari. We’ll then run through safety procedures, the equipment and what to do in the water. We’ll also share some hand signals that we will use while underwater to ensure everyone can see the different creatures.

Adults are encouraged to also come in the water with their children to ensure they are safe, you do not have to partake in the snorkel equipment if you do not want to.

While underwater, we will look around the rocks, on the sand beds and around the surface for different creatures! These can include Common Starfish, Goby, Sandeels, Spider Crabs and other creatures, we cannot guarantee to see a variety of species but we will ensure we see something! During certain times of the year, we may be able to see Jellyfish, Cuttlefish and Sea Slugs.

Price per person:

Max group size:

Upcoming dates for Swansea:

– Oxwich
– Caswell

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