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Tadorna Tours – Species specials

Whether you’re after a certain species for your life list, or whether there is an experience you are yet to experience for yourself – we aim to offer the best wildlife experiences through targeting specific species on one of our Species Specials. Our Species Specials are day only trips, or occasionally a part of a day where it’s best to locate the target species we are after but we will always ensure to show you as much wildlife as possible during the tour aswell as your target species.
Often, we select species that are hard to locate which we have sites for, or those that people often ask us where to go to see them. We always update our specials with species that occur or those that is often requested making these just that bit more special!

Our Species Specials are ran by conservationists and experts to give our guests the best enjoyment but also the experience of the wildlife we hope to see on the different tours. The specials have a small/semi-small group depending on the location of the tour, which allows us to ensure everyone has the most enjoyment but also plenty of opportunities for photography, sketching and admiration of the wildlife we seek to find through our specials.

All Species Specials

Red Kites

Explore the history of Red Kites in Wales with this unique day! Featuring a presentation with tea and cake, followed by photography tips and then the wildlife spectacular of watching hundreds of Red Kites in a private hide.
£50 adults £30 children

Bat & Cake Evenings

An evening exploring parks in search of twilight and nocturnal creatures! We look for Tawny Owls, Foxes and then focus on bats; Noctules, Common and Soprano Pipestrelles and maybe Daubentons – did we mention there’s also a local homemade cupcake too?
£15 adults £12 children

Fen Orchids

A walk through the dunes of Bridgend in search of Fen Orchids and neerlandica variation of Broad-leaved Helleborine. During this tour we will also search for migrant birds, dragonflies and butterflies.


A nocturnal adventure listening out for the elusive Nightjar! During our afternoon and evening walk we will hope to see other species such as bats, Woodcock and other nocturnal delights.