Tadorna Wildlife Hub

Join us at our Wildlife Hub at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire.

Full of excitement, engagement and wildlife – we aim to inspire and educate those who love wildlife and want to know more about the creatures of the garden.
From River Dipping, to Nature walks and even species events throughout the year – there is a great deal happening from the centre.


There are events running every month, from identification workshops, to nest box building – there’s also some seasonal events!


Every weekend and during half-term, there are activities running. Depending on the month, there could be river dipping, minibeast hunting, guided walks. Craft activities run every activity day after 3pm.
You can view what the monthly activity is on the Events page.


Conservation is a core part of what we do, we have a passion for conserving species we love for other generations to experience. You can get to know more of the big projects we are working on, but also support the projects.

Want to join us for a private event?

Want to explore the wildlife of the Botanic Garden of Wales with your group or want a private day of activities for your group? We offer private bookings for birthday parties, clubs, walking groups and more!
These can be anywhere in the garden either a walking day exploring wildlife, or for children’s events we offer river dipping, minibeast hunting, wildlife watching, workshop activities and more.

Wildlife Hub – Monthly Wildlife Round-Ups