Tadorna Tours – day trips

Whether you are short of time, or want a wildlife filled day out, then why not book one of our Day Trips! Our day trips are designed to make the most out of the site(s) we visit and observe the wildlife found there, although our guides specialise in birds, majority of our tours we will observe a number of different wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies, plants and mammals . Our day trips are at a gentle pace allowing you to make the most out of your time with us but also plenty of time to take in the birds and wildlife on the day.

All of our Day Trips are ran in areas we know and love giving us a vast amount of knowledge of not only the wildlife we hope to see, but also of the site itself. Our tours are led by ornithologists or conservationists in areas they have experience of, the small group sizes enables us to give a personal experience to everyone and for everyone to truly enjoy the wildlife we are seeing but also we can adapt our pace to suit our guests with plenty of time for photography and admirations.

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Woodland Migrants

Explore the tranquil nature reserve in Clydach valley in search of woodland migrant birds such as Pied Flycatchers, Spotted Flycatchers, Wood Warblers and Common Redstarts, whilst also looking for other wildlife such as orchids and butterflies.

Orchids, Butterflies & Migrants of Kenfig

Explore the dunes and marshland of Kenfig in search of charismatic orchids such as Fen, Fragrant and Broad-leaved Helleborines. We’ll also look for butterflies like Small Blue, Gatekeeper and Dark-green Fritillary aswell as migrant bird species.

Butterflies & Brownies

Want to learn about butterfly identification? Join us for an afternoon of butterfly hunting and recording, we’ll be looking to spot different species and show you how to identify them – did we mention there’s also a local homemade brownie too?
£10 adults £5 children

Gower – Winter

Beginning our walk in Rhossili, we will explore the area looking for Chough, wintering thrushes and finches, as well as ducks on the sea and waders on the causeway before moving along to School Lane and Mewslade.

Bat & Cake Evenings

An evening exploring parks in search of twilight and nocturnal creatures! We look for Tawny Owls, Foxes and then focus on bats; Noctules, Common and Soprano Pipestrelles and maybe Daubentons – did we mention there’s also a local homemade cupcake too?
£10 adults £5 children

Gower – Spring

A gentle tour around Three Cliffs looking for emerging butterflies, a spot of seawatching, the chance of Chough whilst looking for arriving migrant birds. Another main target is the Yellow-whitlow Grass.

National Garden of Wales Wildlife

Explore the newly opened Llyn Mawr and visit unexplored areas of the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Targets: Willow & Marsh Tit, Silver-washed Fritillary and dragonflies! £30 *plus entry fee if not a member